Our Senior Pastors


Rev Paul Adams

Founder, Kings Court Worship Centre

He is a Pastor who has spent the last couple of decades helping the body of Christ, His a blessing to this generation and a voice for the kingdom.

Rev Paul Adams

Is a preacher of the word and a music minister who is graced with an apostolic anointing. Trained as a library and information scientist, he answered the call of God upon his life when God called him and this solemn call has kept him in the Lord’s vineyard for over three decades. Married to pastor Jane paul Adams with three beautiful children, he has impacted his world with both through music and through the ministry of the word. Rev paul Adams is the lead pastor of one of the fast growing churches in Nigeria.

Songs By Rev Paul Adams :

  • Advent - Paul Adams & The Alpha crew
  • Paul Agubata Adams - The worship experience
  • Best of Paul Agubata Adams - worship video

Books By Rev Paul Adams:

Dominion is a book that is centred on the will of God for man to be the true ruler and administrator of this earth. It is designed to resurrect our consciousness on who we truly are, and the power that belongs to us as the gods of this earth. When you go through this book it will inspire you, and ignite a fire in you which will drive you to seek to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. In this book we will look at the supernatural nature of man, we will try to define what dominion is and what it means. We will introduce you to the purpose of God concerning you, how and why man lost his dominion over the earth in the first place, we will look at steps we can take to recover the lost dominion, the importance of the word of God, the importance of faith and how to build our faith. We will look at the importance of giving and the power of sacrifice. We will also look at the disadvantages of living in sin, and the advantages of living a godly life. These and many more spiritual truths you will encounter as you prayerfully go through the pages of this book. May God bless you richly as you read in Jesus name, Amen.

Pastor Jane Paul

Is a choice servant of God who is passionate about God and about his work. Trained as business administrator from the prestigious university of Benin, she began her kingdom service as a chorister before the Lord anointed her into the pastoral ministry. Married to Rev paul Adams, they are blessed with three beautiful children. She is currently the resident pastor of the ministry headquarters