Full Names Louis Oghenetega Title GODS MIGHTY DELIVERANCE MyTestimony I'm here to thank God for giving my family another victory over the enemy and his agents.. on the 20th day of our fasting and prayer, pastor Adams said we should pray against every devil operating from our father/mother side, which I Keyed upon the prophetic word said by the man of God.. There's been lots of Owl giving around my father's compound so I prayed about it with faith and God confirmed he's here in the Altar of KINGSCOURT international.. So the next day morning around 10am, my uncle son said he saw an owl in my mom's bathroom which I thought it was a lie. Then I remembered daddy said we should be sensitive to things around us, so I got up to confirm what he told me but I rushed back into my room and I fortified my body with my anointing oil and my uncle son. We walked into the room and started finding this evil bird which he claim he saw but we couldn't find it anywhere. Then my in-law said there's no such thing here but I had doubts in my heart, when we lost hope on finding it then I heard a word in my ears to check just 1 last place which was a big bucket,, behold the Jesus disgraced the hiding place of the devil agent.. I was a little bit scared to even hit it properly but my elder sister husband took the stick from my hand and helped me to hit it and trapped it then we killed it and gave God all the thanks for a victorious victory.. I now believe God is in this place called KINGSCOURT INTERNATIONAL... I'm here to return all the glory to God for all he has done in our life because my mom had been going through a lot of spiritual attacks for years now but the devil has been put to shame, because my mom was to come to the house before that day but something delayed her I believe it was the spirit of God operating in our home.... I give all the praises and glory to God who has made it so in our life... praise God

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